How to make money blogging?


Have you ever sat down and wondered; how do bloggers make money? There are high chances that you ended up messing with your mind without finding a proper answer to How to make money blogging. Gone are the days when conventional bloggers used to earn reasonable sums by running a friendly blog for their much loyal fan base. Now the internet landscape has changed with the addition of new competitors and frequently shifting search engine algorithms responsible for bringing traffic to your site.

Everyone wants to know How to make a living blogging, but only a few bothers to find a proper solution to How to start a successful blog. First of all, you need to bear in mind the fact that just as you would do your very best to decorate your store for the sake of attracting visitors, you have to adopt specific tactics to start a fruitful career in blogging.

Sounds hard? However, let’s walk through the whole scenario, and maybe you will find it a little bit easier how to make money from a blog.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Pick a profiting niche

As I touched earlier, blogging has revolutionized from its primitive, sweet nature to a way more niche-specific and stringent way of making money only. Let’s clear a few things here:

  • Hard work and passion do not pay as much as you expect
  • Just because you want to scream about what you want to tell the world doesn’t guarantee that the world will listen to it.

So, what can be done? Should you give up on selling your best skills and educating the public? Alternatively, should you reevaluate your strategies? Any sane person would choose the first option since we all know a little bit of craze is essential to becoming a great blogger.

This brings us to our next question, what exactly shall you reevaluate in your current blogging strategy? The answer is a Niche! You read it right. The abundance of blogs on mainstream niches has created a dense competition which is bound to stomp you on the way directly or indirectly.

Brainstorm, conduct some research, find a unique, slightly touched yet broad niche, and follow it like a monk follows his religion. It will not only help you in discovering new boardwalks of success but also turn you into the ultimate winner of your niche in a short period.

Importance of Monetization

CPC and CPM monetization are one of the oldest ways of getting your blog in the earning stream in a considerable period. Traffic acquisition is the most prominent challenge bloggers face in the direction of making money online. Getting a proper amount of organic on your website can help you resolve all your Conca erns regarding how to make a living blogging. However, one major shortcoming in this tactic is that not all bloggers can acquire PPC/CPC or CPM monetization due to several factors. Here is a breakdown of these popular types of ads for your ease:

  • CPC/PPC: These are ads in the form of banners which are inserted in the middle of your content on the sidebar. Any click by the reader translates to a specific amount.
  • CPM: These are fixed streams of income as the advertisers pay you a fixed amount after completing a certain number of impressions, usually 1000 ideas.

To feature these ads on your site, you need to get Google AdSense, which is quite challenging. Chitika,, and Info links are similar platforms as Google who work as mediatory parties between blog owners and advertisers for displaying ads.

Another great way to earn from ads is to seek private advertisers. They may be hard to find, but they offer good money. Once you have a regular individual advertiser, you are all set to make a good living from your blog.

Working of Affiliate Links to the rescue

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Whom am I kidding! I am sure you must have heard about it in one way or the other. However, how exactly affiliate marketing can help you on How to make money from a blog?

Established e-commerce platforms and online businesses are always on the hunt for high ranking websites to promote their products and services. Here is how it works:

  • Advertisers come up with products they want to sell.
  • They reach you out after checking your blog and offer a commission on every sale made through the clicks directed from your site
  • A unique link is provided to you for tracking the product. This link helps in identifying whenever a buyer used your website for reaching a buying a product
  • Now, your job is to add this link via text linking or banner ads in your website.
  • If the reader clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product, the agreed commission is then transferred to you.

One prominent example of affiliate marketing is Amazon Associated, who are allowed to establish private partnerships with bloggers for the sake of selling products via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has countless benefits. For starters, you begin to receive bonuses and commissions which you can in return, invest on your blog to improve its SEO and Search engine rankings. Once the site gets a prominent place in SERPs, you can always switch to CPC or CPM advertisement for generating income. This works as a good backup plan.

Finding some Digital Products to sell

Since it is the digital era, one of the quickest solutions on How to make a living blogging is to sell digital products on your website. The incorporation of digital products not only helps you in creating additional streams of income but also boosts your site’s SERP rankings, which help in increasing traffic to your site. You can sell any of the following digital products on your blog:

  • Online workshops
  • Online guides and courses
  • eBooks
  • Images, music, videos
  • Apps, themes, widgets, or plugins

Selling digital products online which readers can use for their benefit is a great way to build a loyal reader’s community, which will in turn help in boosting your site’s SEO and rankings. You can further apply for AdSense and sell private, CPC, or CPM ads to ensure a sustainable source of income from your blog.

Make sure that your blog does not violate any legal regulations imposed by the Search Engine you are targeting. Content online authorities highly discourage such as cracked software versions and torrent links. It is best to keep your blog away from such risks.

Blogs driven business marketing

Blogs and business marketing go hand in hand. Already established companies are rapidly heading towards the incorporation of blog-driven business marketing for the sake of boosting their sales. Similarly, already established blogs are seeking ideas to initiate marketing to promote a side business.

When it comes to blog driven business marketing, the possibilities are endless. From selling handmade goods and books to offering a professional collection of DIY products or refurbished stuff, you can practically earn reasonable sums from your side business by using your blog to promote your business.

Apart from selling physical good, you can also use your blog as a platform to promote services. For instance, an auto repair service provider can establish a high-ranking blog on automotive to spread useful updates and services from the world of automobiles. This is just one of the many examples which can be implemented to use your blog as a platform for business marketing practically.

This is yet another hack which can help you on the quest of finding ways on How to make money blogging.

Offering paid memberships to specific visitors

Have you ever browsed a website offering paid memberships to its specific range of visitors? Take the example of a scholarships networking or career building site with a considerable potential to make and break anyone’s life given the visitors lands one a life-altering lead. Wouldn’t you want to take credit for changing someone’ s life for the good? People in a hint for the job, students, looking for international academic opportunities, and even employers are found to be more than happy to pay small-membership fees if they are affirmative about landing a life-altering lead.

How to make money blogging can be a lot easier if you can identify what kind of services set you apart from your competitors and offer memberships to users for the sake of availing guidance or services. This tip is genuinely a life hack for people who are struggling to find a proper way on How to make money from a blog. Giving it a try wouldn’t hurt!

Summing Up

Now that you have recognized significant solutions to the problem of How to make a living blogging, you can switch to answering how to make a successful blog to implement all these ways. After a few months of practicing quality content writing, SEO, and advertising, you will be able to generate considerable sums from your blog. Goodluck!

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