How to Make Money on Amazon?


Business is one of those industries that never faced a downfall. No matter what type of trade you do, the demand goes on increasing day by day. There can be a disturbance among the Supply and Demand Chain, but that only occurs due to technical inefficiency. There were days when trading was done physically, in person. Then came the internet. The Internet revolutionized the way this world was working. Businesses started shifting towards digital mediums. As a result, the concept of E-commerce went into the market. Without a doubt, E-commerce is a great way to make money out of your passion. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace in this regard. With a supply chain all over the world, Amazon never fails to satisfy both its customers and sellers.

How to make money on Amazon? Well, it’s quite simple and easy. Amazon offers equal opportunities for its sellers. There are numerous ways with the help of which you can easily make money on Amazon. Let it be Fashion Designing, E-book Publishing, Business, Trading, or Developing; Amazon is a platform to make good money through your talent.

How to make money selling on Amazon? Becoming a seller is the most convenient option. There are also a lot of other opportunities through which you can make money on Amazon. Like Affiliate Marketing and Advertisement. These sources not only offer good money but are also an easy way to earn, but the most preferred channel remains to sell on Amazon. As a seller you can sell your services, your handcrafts, your company’s products or even can sell your books and application software. However, for that, you’ll first need to register for a seller account with Amazon.

Getting started as a Seller on Amazon

Signing up as a professional seller with Amazon is pretty simple and straightforward.

1) Sign up for an account and Create your Profile

Go to and click on the sell tab. Register for an account as a seller. You can choose to be an Individual Seller as well as Professional Seller. If you are selling more than 40 items per month, you’ll need to register as a professional seller.

On the other hand, sign up as an individual seller if you are selling less than 40 items per month. Your per item listing cost also depends on your seller type. Once you’ve selected the desired category, fill out the credentials, and have your account registered.

2) Decide your selling category and then List items

After signing up as a seller, the next thing you need to do is to decide what you want to sell. Either want to offer products or services. It all depends on your need. Once you’ve chosen a related category, list your item, and write its description. If your product is new and has never listed on Amazon before, you will need to write the entire product description. While, if your product is already present on the website, pre-written content will automatically appear.

3) Order receiving and Fulfillment

Instant Order fulfillment is the key to success in this competitive market. After you’ve uploaded your products, check for orders regularly. As a world’s largest e-commerce company, chances are you’ll instantly get orders. When the order was placed, deliver your buyer with the best. Managing your inventory and updating it will help you bring more customers and buyers. However, abiding by Amazon’s policies and professionalism code is always advised.

4) Packaging and Shipping with FBA

Pack your shipment safely and efficiently. Also, include a packaging slip and copy of the customer’s order to help Amazon better manage and deliver your delivery. You can also sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program and get the stress of fulfilling orders and storing shipment off your shoulder.

7 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

1) Product Selling

Selling your products with the help of Amazon is quite a smart option. However, the question arises how to make money selling on Amazon? Being the world’s largest e-commerce platform, it offers infinite opportunities for businesspeople. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or part-time seller; equal opportunities are present. As a professional seller, you can sell and advertise your company’s products easily.

On the other hand, if you are a student or want to do it part-time, you can sell your handicrafts, personally designed clothes, phone cases, decorations, and what not. It’s a marketplace for all of the gadgets in the world. Let them be related to technology, lifestyle, or fitness; everything sells.

2) Affiliate Marketing and Influencing

Affiliate Marketing is also an option to make money on Amazon. Affiliates enjoy many benefits. They work on commission; therefore, they are more committed to bringing customers to the site. Affiliate yourself with Amazon, advertise its products on your blogs, articles, or social media handles, and earn money. In this regard, you can also do product reviews of different companies to have your audience more engaged in the whole process. Amazon Influencers are making good money only through this method. They review and recommend Amazon products to the interested audience and instantly make money.

3) Technical Services

If you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or work in similar technical fields, you can make money on Amazon by selling your services. Not only you’ll get more job opportunities, but also you can have your service rates set individually. Depending on the expertise and proficiency you have, people will happily pay you more to get their renovation done accurately and professionally. As we all know, satisfied customers are what that define your work in the market.

4) E-book Publishing and Filmmaking

Content creation also finds an excellent application on platforms like Amazon. Artists and Writers are always in demand. Thus, Amazon also supports the work of such people, both financially and morally. How to make money selling books on Amazon? With the help of Kindle Direct Publishing, self-publish your e-books and get access to the millions of readers worldwide. These books can be of any genre. You can write any book, publish it, and earn money immediately.

Filmmaking is also a source to make money through Amazon. With the help of Amazon Prime Video feature, you can quickly sell or produce movies and TV shows for the public. Stream your content online and have a chance to get global recognition for your content. Therefore, the best way of making money through your creative skills.

5) Delivery Driver

Amazon’s most valuable asset that assures the efficiency and reliability of its products is its delivery network. Millions of delivery companies and individual drivers are associated with the company worldwide that guarantee an undisturbed supply chain. Whether you want to run your delivery company with Amazon or be a personal driver, you can always find ways to make money. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to make money collaborating with the world’s largest e-commerce company. Just get the shipment, roam around your city, and deliver!

6) Live Game Streaming

Live Game Streaming has become a way of making money in this digital age. All you need to do, plug, and play. No need to work hard on content creation, marketing, or product selling. With the platform of Twitch game streaming by Amazon, quickly generate revenue from your gaming skills. Try to reach as much follower count as you can with your unparalleled skills and enter the line of professional gaming. Also, the higher the subscriber count, the higher will be the revenue generated.

7) Applications and Softwares

Amazon also supports development field. Do you Possess tech creativity and the capability to execute such ideas? You are more than welcome. Amazon offers a platform for developers to make money through their exceptional tech-related skills. There are many channels like Amazon Appstore, AWS Marketplace, and Alexa skills. You can choose the field that best suits your talent. With the help of Amazon Appstore, publish your apps to make money while having an international audience reach. AWS Marketplace also offers software solutions for its clients. Get access to millions of customers by providing ready to use software solution for their businesses globally and earn money.

Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Seller

In the present age, most of the people like to shop online. Let it be electronics, home appliances, lifestyle and fitness products, clothing, or grocery; everything is just a click away from your computer.

  • Get international recognition for your brand.
  • Saves you from the hassle of storage of products and shipment.
  • Competitive market environment makes innovation necessary.
  • A convenient and safe place to get potential buyers instantly.

In Conclusion

Amazon remains the most prominent e-commerce marketplace until now. That adequately explains the efficiency of its operation. Not only it is a safe place to shop but also to sell and make huge profits instantly. Therefore, in our opinion, there is no better place to market and sell your products online than Amazon. If you have the passion for it, sign up as a seller today and take your business and marketing skills to their extreme. That too, while making money!

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