How to Make Money on YouTube


Digital Media brought revolution to the world of information sharing and entertainment. In the past, print media remained a source of entertainment among the people for a long time. Then came the digital media. Now, the most advanced and convenient form of this digital medium is Social Media. Social media is probably the best medium anyone can use to share news, read blogs, entertainment, and connectivity. All of these information-sharing sources have become possible only due to the presence of Social Media. Within a decade, the medium progressed exponentially. Today, Social Media is not only a source of communication but also has become a proper professional field. People are making money through this channel. Let it be Advertisement, News Broadcasting or Entertainment, opportunities to make money using Social Media are infinite. YouTube being of these mediums.

Making Money on YouTube is extremely easy, yet a little bit technical at the same time. Many people have asked famous YouTube personalities; how do you make money on YouTube? However, we’re pretty sure no one got a satisfactory answer. It’s because to make money on YouTube isn’t a piece of cake. It would help if you had exceptional talent and ideas to execute it distinctively. A manner that defines only your personality.  It’s the only way people will support your work. How to get paid on Youtube? This is the only answer.

Ways to make money on YouTube

The basic concept of YouTube lies in content creation. With much old-school entertainment or informatory content already present, only remarkable ideas can be the source of your success on YouTube. Let it be Short Filmmaking, Vlogs, Tutorials, Unboxing and Reveries Travelogues or Web Series, all need distinctive approach nowadays. Still, making money on YouTube isn’t that much difficult.

The two most popular ways to make money on YouTube are either doing Monetized or Sponsored Videos.

1) Monetization

Monetization is the process with the help of which YouTube enables its content creators to make money by running ads on their videos. 55% of the revenue generated goes to the channel owner while the rest 45% profit goes to YouTube. It’s are a great way to make money that YouTube has introduced for its artists. However, the question arises, how to monetize YouTube videos? With the help of the YouTube Partner Program, the process is pretty simple.

How to monetize YouTube videos?

First of all, you need to register for the Youtube Partner Program. Then you’ll be able to earn. The process comprises of these necessary steps

  1. Go to the “My Channel” tab on YouTube.
  2. Turn Video Manager on and Enable the Monetization for your videos.
  3. Read terms and Conditions. Then agree to the YouTube Partner Program.
  4. Sign up for Google AdSense.
  5. Choose your monetization preferences.
  6. Get your application reviewed.

Once your application is approved, you can instantly start making money on YouTube. YouTube’s pricing policy is very simple and straightforward. It pays you $7.60 per 1000 views. Thus, after gaining some popularity for your channel, the pay rate will be much beneficial!

Requirements to Sign Up for YouTube Monetization

How to Monetize Youtube? To apply for the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your YouTube videos, there are some requirements.

  • 1000 subscribers at least.
  • Minimum 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

These are the least requirements. Without it, you are not eligible to apply for the YouTube partner program.

2) Sponsorship

Brand Sponsorships depends on your audience reach and subscriber count. The more you have, the higher will be the chance of getting sponsored. Brand sponsorship works individually. Every company has a particular way of working. Therefore, policies can vary from brand to brand. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to make money on YouTube.

In this way of making money on YouTube, brands automatically approach your channel. Depending on your popularity level among the general public, you can have many options to choose whether you want to do sponsored reviews or advertise their products somewhere between your usual YouTube videos. It’s entirely up to your preference. Moreover, you can select from a wide range of different food, clothing, or tech brands in a way that best compliments your work so that your audience doesn’t get bored with the unnecessary brand endorsement. 

How to start Making money on Youtube?

As stated earlier, to earn money on YouTube, you need to have talent and passion for it first. If you excel in content creation, then there are good chances that you may make money out of your expertise. The art of storytelling is what keeps the audience engaged. Once you’ve mastered it, making money on YouTube while doing something you love is no difficulty. There are several easy ways with the help of which you can start to make money on YouTube. Since YouTube is all about videos, here is a list of different types of videos you can make according to your interest.

1) How to Videos and Tutorials

How to videos and tutorials are a great way to make money on YouTube. If you have unparalleled skills in a particular thing, let it be camera knowledge, tips to do makeup or anything else, then there is no other medium more effective. These tutorials can be of various types. Tutorials to clean your home appliances, how to use your newly bought gadgets properly, Makeup tutorials, Cooking Tutorials, and what not. Through these videos, not only you will be able to make money but also get a chance to enhance your passion about it and polish your skills. Therefore, a win-win situation for both the creator and the audience. 

2) Gaming Channels

Gaming channels are made for professional and amateur gamers. Both of them can enjoy this platform to showcase their gaming skills and make money. Gaming channel has many benefits. As you don’t need to work hard on the content. With a gaming channel, the creator would either go for live streaming or upload the recorded walkthrough of the game. Nothing else. Therefore, it’s a much easy way to make money on YouTube through your exceptional gaming capabilities.

3) Tech Reviews and Product Unboxing

Technology reviews and Product unboxings are one of the highest searched and most watched videos of all time on YouTube. It attracts a considerable number of audiences easily. These types of videos are the best suited for tech geeks. People who are always excited to review new technologies and use them at the spot. Anyways, it’s a highly expensive category of videos to make, and you definitely need some investment beforehand. However, results are quite rewarding that exceed your expectations effortlessly. Furthermore, the money you will be able to make through these types of videos will easily cover your investment. 

4) Skits

Who doesn’t love to watch comedy videos? Comedy sketches also belong to the category of YouTube videos with the highest views. Admittedly, these videos require scripting, acting, and pretty much what a short film needs, but it’s worth the time and funding. There a lot of successful YouTubers who started their YouTube career making comedy sketches. However, now they are working in a completely different sort of category on YouTube. Thus, it can be estimated that making comedy sketches is one of the best and simple ways to make money on YouTube.

5) Vlogs and Travelogues

Vlogs had gained many trends within the past 2-3 years. Everyone is trying to be a YouTube vlogger nowadays because of the easiness of the task. In a Vlog, you have to take a camera with you and record your daily life routine. Again, compelling storytelling and editing can help you maximize your productivity and audience reach. You might have to work on it, but once you’ve entirely learned the technique, Vlogs will not only be entertaining for you to make but also captivating for the audience to watch.

Travelogues are Vlogs in which you take your camera with you on your vacation. Where You meet new people, make new friends, explore nature, and stay in fancy hotels. Recording all of this for your YouTube channel can be quite a way to earn good money. Vlogs attract a vast number of viewers because people can relate them to their lives. Thus, it’s one of the most effective ways of making money on YouTube.

6) Educational Videos

Educational videos are also one of the most popular categories among the creators and spectators alike. With the help of these educational videos, people get to learn a lot in a much constructive and logical way. It’s an excellent platform for professionals to teach beginners. Educational videos can be on Academic Topics, Technology Training, Product and Market Research, Documentaries, and what not. Hence, educational videos’ applications and usage are much broader than just being limited to your college lectures. 

Summing Up

YouTube is an excellent platform for both the teenagers and the elderly. Anyone with a passion and will to excel in their talent along with entertaining/educating people can easily succeed.  Just create a channel, upload your video, and publish. The right audience will find you automatically.

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