How to Make Money Playing Video Games?


If we go back some 20 to 30 years, gaming was a great source of recreation for people. It didn’t matter how old or young a person was; everyone used to enjoy the platform for entertainment. Not only they were able to enjoy themselves playing video games but also became better people both mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even, medical science today admits that playing video games develops better decision making, coordination, and collaborative traits in the young generation.

As time passed, this hobby became a profession for many people. However, their exceptional skills and talent made it all possible. The question arises, how to make money from gaming? Play! Video Gaming is a great way to make money today. Believe it or not, it has now become an entire professional field. Getting paid to play games is a common thing now. There are thousands of people who are making millions through their passion for gaming. Let it be game reviews, monetizable games, or game testing; you can easily make money gaming.   

Undoubtedly, gaming is an expensive hobby. Whether you do it for recreation or professionally, it requires some investment. You have to buy a vast variety of Gaming stations and equipment. Xbox, PlayStation, even Gaming Computers are the topmost priority in this regard. Then comes the need for a faster keyboard, mouse, and internet connection — proper headsets/speakers for a more enhanced experience. Mics for improving the sound quality of you live streams, gaming reviews, etc.  All of these things are essential if you want to start a career in gaming. However, if you only do it as a hobby, then a gaming station and its primary consoles can do the job for you.

Getting Started

  • Buy Appropriate Equipment:

How to make money gaming? Well, equipment matters the most after having the right talent and skills. Investing in the most advanced and faster gaming equipment is only in your benefit. As the better, you have the better you can deliver. There are a lot of gaming platforms available. Xbox and PlayStation, they are specifically built for the very purposes. However, building a customized gaming PC is another challenge you have to face. Having suitable Graphics Cards, Cooling Systems, Accessories, Hard drive with considerable space and state-of-the-art Processors, these are all requirements.  

  • Practice and Explore:

An expensive gaming setup cannot make you a pro overnight. You also have to invest some time in practice. To get to a level where you can get paid to play games. Exploring new games and discovering ways into the field of professional gaming can get you ahead. The more you practice with a diversity of games, the more knowledge you hold. Thus, always maximizing your gaming potential. Even if you are a pro, don’t ever hesitate in trying new games, participating in gaming tournaments no matter how small or big is the attractive price.

  • Use Platforms like YouTube Gaming and Amazon Twitch:

Platforms like Youtube Gaming and Amazon Twitch are a great source to kickstart your career with professional gaming. These platforms not only support live game streams but also allow you to upload any of the content related to the world of professional gaming. So that you can work for your passion and make money gaming at the same time. With an audience reach of billions of people worldwide, you can upload, Game Tutorials, Walkthrough, Reviews, Latest news, or what not. As long as you don’t violate community guidelines, you are free to upload anything you want, whenever you want.    

  • Cultivate an engaged following:

Possessing the right following also crucial to make money playing games. An audience that not only watches your videos but also interacts, give its opinion about your work and supports it no matter what. Encouragement from your subscribers is one of the requirements needed to excel in YouTube Gaming.

  • Upload quality Content:

Quality Content is the need of the hour. No matter which field you are working in, newer, unique ideas get recognition. Since the competition in the industry is at its peak, only authentic work finds a place in the market. The type of content that describes your personality and complements your passion and the kind of content people can relate to and learn.

8 Different Ways to Make Money Playing Games

  • Associate yourself with Beta Game Testing

Beta game testing is necessary for every new game. Each game has to go through it before hitting the actual market. The reason being, to identify Developing flaws or Design incompetence. Hence, Professional Gamers carry out these tests. They play the game, identify the glitches, test its smoothness, and record their feedback. It helps the game developers or game developing companies only to send flawless products into the market. Identifying these problems beforehand enables them to keep their company reputation secured. In return, gamers who test these games are sufficiently paid a lot. However, you might not necessarily be working with game developing giants. Since these games are new, you will always find a variety of different games with entirely different developing background and playing concept. Therefore, a great way to make money playing games.

  • Switch to Live Streaming

Live streams have attained much popularity in recent days. Every gamer is switching to platforms like YouTube Gaming, Beam, Amazon Twitch, Hitbox, Bigo Live for the live stream of their work. These live streams have two main benefits. Firstly, you get to attract a large number of interested people and amateur gamers. Secondly, brands are also invited to the advertisement of their products. Therefore, when you play and advertise in combination, you’re making money out of something you love.  Moreover, you also get to interact with a lot of different people. Sometimes you learn from them, and sometimes they learn from you.

  • Provide Gameplay Tutorials

How to make money from gaming? Upload gameplay tutorials. Game tutorials remain one of the highest rated and most watched categories on YouTube. You can attract not only amateur gamers but also children and teenagers seeking to learn new games as a hobby are also excited. That, in most of the cases, easily lets your video cross more than a million views. Just play the game, record mission completion, achievements, things like that and publish. Moreover, you can also upload these tutorials on your gaming site or blogs.

  • Participate in Gaming Tournaments

Gaming Tournaments are a great platform to make money playing games. With a large number of gamers present, amateurs or professionals, elderly or young, the environment gets competitive yet collaborative at the same time. Moreover, you can select the game of your choice from given options and make money through your skills.

  • Do Game Reviews and Walkthroughs

Game reviews and walkthrough also attract a considerable number of viewers. People who are looking to try out new games, buy new equipment or complete a particular game. All of them are always in search of some guidance. So that they can spend their money rightly. Luckily, as a professional gamer, you can help such people in making informed decisions with your experience. On the brighter side, you also earn money through the channels of affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships.

  • Develop Games

Game development is one of the most creative and highest paid professions of all time. As it requires a futuristic approach and ability to make gaming more interesting, challenging, and exciting for the people. That’s why game development requires so much time. If you are a game enthusiast and also a tech geek, possess the creative ideas and ability to execute them, then game development is the field for you. As you can better evaluate the market trends and gamers preference when it comes to gaming, professionally.

  • Start a Gaming Blog

Starting a gaming blog is also a smart option to choose. As it is entirely free of cost, you can write whatever you want, no limitations at all. What’s a better place than that to give your honest opinions? The good thing is that you can even do brand sponsorships through blogging. Product Reviews for different gaming brands, Advertisements, Marketing, or anything else, blogging is the best source. On top of that, brands pay quite the amount for even a single advertisement. Therefore, the best way to make money gaming.

  • Sell your Gaming Account

Selling your Gaming Accounts is also the best way to make money. However, this only applies to professional gamers. Buy a new game, play and unlock all of its characters and missions, and sell your account. These accounts are sometimes worth thousands of dollars! Surprising, isn’t it?   

Summing Up

There are plenty of ways to get paid playing video games. However, finding the right source is a tough task. Let it be brand sponsorships, or other mother monetization options, making money while gaming isn’t that much smooth. However, if you practice a lot and master the art of gaming, then there is no difficulty for you as it is the only thing that differentiates pros from amateurs.

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