Is it Possible to Make Money using Apps on my Phone?


Nowadays, making money online has become more popular than ever. More and more people are switching to online sources of making money.

Rather than going to the office daily and getting a fixed paycheck at the end of every month, people are more inclined to freelance work in the present age.

Getting online gigs and making money while doing something you love, the modern-day solutions for making money.

Still, the question remains How advanced and convenient these sources are? Is it even Possible to Make Money using Apps on my Phone? The answer is, Yes, you can!

Best money making apps
Best money making apps

Surprisingly there are thousands of money-making apps present in your mobile store. Apps to make money, Apps to get online gigs and other apps that make finding an online job an effortless task. Android or iOS, it doesn’t matter. The good thing is, these best money-making apps allow you to earn from a source you love. Let it be Business, Trading, Fashion Designing, Photography, Marketing, Research Surveys, Advertising, Filmmaking, Developing, or other creative and technical professional fields. There are plenty of top money-making apps present on the internet, especially on your phone.

Such type of earning options offer many work benefits for the person using. Not only these Money-making apps provide an appreciable amount of money but also give the users with the flexible work schedule. Depending on your daily routine, you can easily select your working hours. No matter how late or early it is, you can easily adjust the schedules of these top money-making apps and work according to your comfort. For the people who want to make extra pocket money effortlessly, these apps seem to be the best option.

How to make Money using Mobile Phone Apps?

Ways to make money using mobile phone apps vary. Every app has its way of working. Some are made for market research, some for freelance gigs, some offer a platform for creativity, and some are related to technical development. Therefore methods to make money are different for every app. However, the basic concept remains unchanged. Just sign up for an app of your interest, figure out how it works, and earn money.   

Best Money-making Apps 

1. iPoll

iPoll is market research, the money-making app made for both iOS and Android. With a high rating both on App Store and Google Play, iPoll allows you to earn money by completing customized, individual missions. The moment you sign up, you fill out the information related to your interests, behavior as a shopper, and market preferences. Based on that information, there are personalized missions for you. That can be

  • Surveying a particular Market.
  • Writing down diaries for your personal experiences and surveys about the assigned task.
  • Completing local projects.

The basic concept of all these tasks is, market survey and research. It helps the organizations, both large and small, to determine consumer habits, ongoing market trends, and customer preferences. Therefore, enterprises can invest in the right market with their time, money, and products for the general public. The good thing is, you are only asked to complete the goals that lie in your regions of interest. Therefore, a great way of making money while doing something of your personal choice. Each survey is rewarded within a price range of $1 to $10, depending on how profitable your results are for a company. These rewards can either be redeemed as gift cards, or you can also withdraw using PayPal.

2. BookScouter

Available for both Android and iOS, Bookscouter is a great app to sell your new and old books. Some Books can be costly. Depending on their antiqueness, market availability, and rareness, the book owner can get a price of its choice. Buyers bid on the price, and the highest paying buyer is automatically displayed at the top. Therefore, making it easy for you to decide.

Moreover, you can easily make some extra money getting rid of those books which are not in your use or have no benefit for you. People usually make hundreds of dollars selling their books on this app. So, can you. Just download the app, sign up for an account, and post your listing. Then choose the buyer and ship it free of cost!   

3. Airbnb

Have some extra room in your house to host a tourist? Airbnb is the way to make money through that space. Share your home or an adequate portion of your house with a foreign guest and charge appropriate rent for it accordingly. With the help of Airbnb, there is nothing extra effort you need to put in to make money. Upload the specifications of the house/room available for rent and get access to millions of temporary tenants/tourists instantly. The happier and satisfied you keep your guests, the higher rating. Therefore, more money-making opportunities for you.

4. Poshmark

Is your wardrobe cluttered with old, unnecessary clothes? The clothes you don’t wear anymore. Please get rid of them using Poshmark. Made for buying and selling of old clothes, Poshmark is one of the best apps to make money. Register for an account, add your listing, get buyers immediately. It’s that much simple and easy way of bidding farewell to your old clothes. On top of that, you can charge the amount for your clothes according to your choice. However, this only applies to tidy clothes which are in good condition.

5. Userfeel

If you are a tech or design geek, Userfeel is a great way to make money through your talent. Participate in usability tests for new websites and earn money. Userfeel allows you to access new websites, surf their tab, and perform various simple tasks/tests. You can also record your feedback and let the developer know about any of the further enhancements for accessibility and ease of use of customers. In return for your services, you get paid. The survey usually lasts for 15-20 minutes and has a big paycheck of $10 per test. You can easily withdraw money using PayPal as well as Payoneer. 

6. Foap

Foap is an excellent platform for professional as well as amateur Photographers and Filmmakers. Designed for Android and iOS, it is one of those creative type of apps that let you earn money through your skills. Register for an account and upload your high-quality content. These images/videos then go for rating by the registered community. Higher the score, more visibility to potential buyers. These buyers can be Brands, Advertising Companies, and even Marketing agencies. If your photo/video fulfills any of these requirements for them, you can earn money from $5 to $100 per sale. 

The app also supports a ‘’Missions’’ feature where you can also receive personalized orders from different agencies for their brand promotions or advertisement campaigns using Photography and Filmmaking as a medium. Therefore, making Foap a top money-making app.

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Love to give opinions. Well, why not make money out it is using Google Opinion Rewards. Available for iOS and Android, Google Opinion Rewards is a survey type program developed by Google. For every survey you take, you can earn up to $1. Most of these surveys last from 10-20 seconds and appear once in a week. Android users can utilize these credits in Google Play Store while iOS users can withdraw it through PayPal. The surveys usually are of categories like travel, lifestyle, and entertainment. Therefore making it one of the best Money-making apps for youngsters.

8. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an amazing money-making app for Android users. Just install the app and let it run ads on your lock screen. The best part is, you don’t necessarily need to engage with these ads to earn money. Every time you unlock your phone; you’ll see advertisements on a card. Side right to use your phone just like usual. You can earn up to $15 from the app every month. However, if you wish to make some extra, you can also take out surveys in the app.

9. DV Closet

DV Closet is one of the best money-making apps designed for iOS. Only pre-approved fashion stylists, fashion bloggers, and other fashion enthusiasts can make money through this source. All you need to do is style people with their outfits, assist in making informed purchasing decisions when it comes to costumes, and helps them to dress in a trendy manner. A manner that best suits their personality. Only for a 10-20 minutes styling session, you can earn up to $22 and even more if you agree to go personal shopping with your clients.

10. Earning App

Earning is a great app to withdraw your money before the actual payday. Based on how many hours you’ve worked; you can withdraw up to $100 daily! The advantage it offers is that it doesn’t charge you any fees. However, you’ll have to give a tip according to your desire. The advice can range from a few bucks to $15. It’s nothing compared to fess/interest of the traditional payday loan. You can use Earnin app if you are salaried, available on-demand, or work on an hourly basis. Freelancers and other professionals cannot enjoy its use.

Some Closing Thoughts

Making money through mobile apps is quite easy and straightforward. However, in some cases, the monthly paycheck can be satisfactory while in most of the cases, it isn’t of any use to employed professionals. Still, teenagers can make a pretty good amount of money through this channel.

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