7 Real Ways to Make Money Online


The Internet has revolutionized our lives. Now, in this age of rapidly advancing smart technology, you don’t have to wait for a job listing. Go online, and you’ll find thousands of ways to make money instantly. It not only saves you from the hassle of going out to find the job but also allows you to make a living out of something you love.

How to earn money online? A question which never received a satisfactory answer. The reason is, every type of work requires some side hustle. You would never be able to achieve your dreams without struggling. No one ever has. Ways to make money online are infinite but finding the right one is another challenge you have to face. Some people are capable enough to earn money online right away while others have to work on it and keep going. Nonetheless, how to make money online? Remains a mere curiosity.

To earn money online isn’t that much difficult at all. Sure, it requires some groundwork, but once it’s completed, there is no better way of earning than online work. It all depends on your skill level. The higher expertise you possess higher will be the opportunities for you. However, this rule applies to all the professional fields of life. Whether corporate or individual work, having the right talent is necessary to succeed. Let it be your Writing Skills, Handcrafting Capabilities, Business Mastery, Aptitude for Creativity and Design, or Advertisement and Marketing Cleverness. These are some of the best ways to make money online through your passion.

Here are the 7 Real Ways to Make Money Online

1) Freelancing

Freelancing is the most preferred category for online jobs among teenagers and elderly alike. Moreover, why it shouldn’t be? As it offers a comfortable work environment, flexible work schedule, and a pretty good amount of money, even capable of replacing your full-time income to a much greater extent.

Freelance work has its pros and cons. However, in the long run, the advantages dominate. You may not meet as many people and have an office to work in but that you can also do personally. You can have prices of your choice for your services. Work entirely according to your desire and schedule. No restrictions at all. That too, while doing something you love, from the comfort of your home. Sounds like a dream job for everyone! There are plenty of ways to make money online with freelancing.

Types of freelance work

  • Designing:

Graphic designing, Game Designing, Logo and Banner Designing, Web Designing, or Poster Designing, everything sells. You can select the sub-category of your choice and earn money online.

  • Writing:

Content writing remains the most popular category in this regard. There are also other types of writings like Technical, Business, Official/Legal, Copywriting, Translations, etc. However, articles and blog posts stand out.

  • Developing:

Are you a Technology geek? Want to make money online through your developing and programming skills? Freelance work is then the best option for you. Not only you’ll have your schedule to meet the deadline, but also the paycheck will be huge. Therefore, making it one of the best ways to make money online. 

  • Photography and Filmmaking:

Selling your photos and videos and doing personalized brand work for marketing and sale promotions is the best way to earn money online. You can even run a whole advertising campaign for a particular brand or company.

  • Music and Audio Mixing:

Music and Audio mixing is another way to make money online through your creativity. Make music for your clients and earn up to thousands of dollars from your freelance gigs.

Freelance work even covers fields of Business and Marketing. Making it probably the best way to earn money online.

2) Affiliate Marketing

How to make money online through your Marketing skills? Affiliate Marketing is the only intelligent option. Get yourself registered as an affiliate and start earning money! Affiliates not only enjoy many work benefits but also have a high commission rate. Depending on the skill you have for marketing, you can easily have a high commission rate for you. Also, more the number of customers you bring in, more will be your monthly paycheck.

As an affiliate marketer, you can either work with advertising agencies as an employee or can also work at the individual level. If you’re an influencer, then it’s much easier for you. As you only have to market the product of that company to an already built audience of yours. That audience can be of your blog, your social media handle, or your work. Therefore, an easy way to make some extra money.

Types of Affiliate Programs

  • Product Reviews.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Loyalty and Coupon Rewards.

3) Online Coaching

Teach from your professional and personal life experiences and get paid for it! Training people for their lives is the best task one can perform. Some people require coaching for a better and progressive professional life, while others require it for self-development. Either way, it’s the best way to earn money online.

If you possess any skill and also want interested people to develop them, then Online coaching and consulting is the best choice. Let it be Arts and Crafts, Technology Development, Fitness, Health and Lifestyle, Skill Development, Financial Coaching, Business Training, or anything else. You can start online courses, hold personal training sessions with your clients, and even can train them in person.   

4) Selling and Renting out your Stuff

Selling your old and new stuff and renting out our belongings is another best way to make money online. Handcrafts, Clothes, Books, Softwares, Photos, Real Estate, Furniture, everything is in demand. You can rent out these things to online customers and make a pretty good amount of money.

Apps and Websites, you can use

  • Amazon, eBay for selling new items, best suited for professional and part-time retailers.
  • Airbnb for real estate rental.
  • OLX for selling second-hand/used as well as new items.
  • Bookscouter for sale of your books.

Also, the list continues. 

5) Blogging and Influencing

Blogging remains a reliable source of influencing people, even today. It is much more efficient, profitable, and effective in today’s world. All you have to do is start a blog, write what you want, and earn money online. Bloggers also get many opportunities for brand sponsorships. However, it is only fruitful if you possess an engaged and supportive following.

Almost all of the Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube offer a place for bloggers to make money. Upload sponsored posts, do sponsored products reviews of different companies, recommend their use to your audience, and make money. It’s that much simple and easy.

6) Youtube

Content Creation is a great way to earn money online in this digital age. However, the entertainment industry needs new concepts of content creation. Only distinctive, state of the art ideas can have a proper place in the field. Moreover, original, and authentic work is supported by the public nowadays. Hence, what better place to do that than YouTube?

Believe it or not, you make millions of dollars per video. However, starting a YouTube career is not all about money and fame. The only golden rule to success is to develop an audience that loves your work. The type of Work to which people can relate. However, once you’ve cultivated such a following, making money wouldn’t’ be difficult at all. Instead, it would be more fun and exciting, both for the channel owner and its subscribers.

Types of YouTube Videos you can Create

  • How to Videos.
  • Tutorials.
  • Short-Films.
  • Comedy Sketches.
  • Product Unboxing and Reviews.
  • Web-series.
  • Compilation Videos.
  • Educational Videos.
  • Vlogs.
  • Gaming Channels.
  • Travelogues.
  • Haul Videos

These are some of the most watched categories of YouTube. So, if you possess any of these skills and want to make money through it, what are you even waiting for? Just go ahead, create, upload, and publish!      

7) Participating in Online Surveys

Online surveys are also one of the best ways to earn money online. All you have to do is pick a survey of your choice, give your opinion, and feedback about it, and get paid. These surveys only last for a maximum of 15-20 minutes and offer an appreciable amount of money in return.

These surveys can be on the topics of lifestyle, fitness, markets, etc. These surveys are a source for different organizations to test the ongoing market trends and determine consumer behavior. These researches help enterprises in figuring out which market to invest in with their time, money, people, and products. As a result of these online surveys, companies get a boost in their annual revenue from which you are also paid. Therefore, making it one of the easiest and best ways to make money online.


Making money online is quite simple and easy only if you have the potential and dedication it requires. Online work offers not only the comfort of home and flexible work schedule but also a satisfactory paycheck. You can charge for your services according to your choice. Hence, the best way to earn online.

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